Taking Advantage of LED Lighting and Lighting Control

February 14, 2018



There is so much more that can be done with lighting, beyond simply turning it off and on.


LED lighting allows:


  • Single colour

  • Single colour dimmable

  • Red, Green, Blue dimmable and colour changing

  • Red, Green, Blue, White dimmable, colour changing and white colour temperature changing (warm white to cold white)


The colour and brightness can be the same for a whole area. Alternatively with pixel technology the colour and brightness can be different only millimetres apart.


Sometimes a simple on and off is enough, or you think it may be. However changing the brightness according to the outside light or the time of day can have a positive effect on your visitors - be they staff, students or customers.


Add to the changing of the brightness the changing of colour and your lighting really can influence mood.


TLS have experience working with lighting installers, designers and specifiers in meeting the lighting requirements in multiple environments. Working with our partners, we understand the effects that are required. We are then able to provide the lighting elements and, importantly, the right control systems and drivers.


Control systems allow the brightness and colour of the lighting to be changed:


  • Manually

  • Set patterns

  • Programmable

  • From video

  • Sound to light


Whether you are lighting a kitchen, classroom, operating theatre or rock concert, TLS can provide, and if necessary, program the control system.


Over the coming weeks, we will introduce specific control systems, including new systems we are just releasing.


To learn more about LED, Pixel technology and control systems please call us on +44 (0)1603 295011 or mail us on info@tl-so.co.uk.


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Taking Advantage of LED Lighting and Lighting Control

February 14, 2018

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