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SKU: slim1024

We just released a new SLIM hardware to replace our previous LPSA-SLIM interface. The new hardware has been designed with new electronics and includes all the CQSA features, such as Advanced Stand-alone Menus with additional Page and Auto Colour mode, Stand Alone mode customization (possibility to choose what mode to activate or not in Stand alone), Split and Merge DMX signals and Light Intensity Sensor.
The new device has 8 selection buttons and 4 option buttons, 5 dry contacts (4 previously), SD Card Slot and Split DMX signal.
The SLIM 1024 has more advanced functions, it can play up to 5 scenes at a time (multiple Zone options), triggers scenes by DMX IN and can merge 2 DMX signals.
SLIM 512 and 1024 have a new housing texture and finish and they are in stock and available right now in Black or White color housing.

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