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PixNet Pro 16,320 RGB or 12,240 RGBW pixel controller

SKU: pixnet-pro
  • The PIXNET PRO controller has been designed to provide a simple and powerful solution for controlling and powering large amounts of pixel tape, strips and modules.

    The controller can be controlled with Art-Net or sACN. The controller can be easily patched to control 16 outputs of 1020 RGB or 765 RGBW pixels in NORMAL mode, or 32 outputs of 510 RGB or 382 RGBW pixels in EXPANDED mode. Please note that EXPANDED mode can only be used to control pixels with no clock line.

    The PIXNET PRO features 8 x RJ45 outputs. Each RJ45 output carries 2 SPI Universes in normal Mode (2 x 1020 RGB or 765 RBW Pixels) or 4 SPI Universes in expanded mode (4 x 510 RGB or 382 RGBW Pixels)


    The PIXNET PRO can also supply 4 DMX universes when controlled by sACN if the optional TLS DMX wing is used. This creates a node giving the user an extra 2056 channels to control any DMX fixtures.

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