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PixNet 4,080 RGB or 3,056 RGBW Pixel Controller

SKU: pixnet

2019 Update.

 +16 Bit support for RGBW Chips.

 +Support for MY9291 Driver (16 bit chip).
 +4 Gamma Correction Chanels.

 -Fixed support link bug.


The PIXNET controller has been designed to provide a simple and powerful solution for controlling large amounts of pixel tape, strips and modules.


The PIXNET can be controlled with Art-Net or sACN. The four outputs can be easily patched to control up to 4080 RGB or 3,060 RGBW pixels per unit.


The Pixnet interface has two output modes:


1. Standard


Each of the 4 outputs can control 1020 RGB or 765 RGBW pixels




Expanded mode can only be used with pixels that do not require a clock wire, for example WS2812/SK6812.


In expanded mode the clock lines are used as data lines instead. This means the controller effectively has twice as many pixel outputs (eight). Physically this means there are two-pixel outputs per connector.


In this mode the maximum number of pixels per output is halved 510 RGB pixels or 382 RGBW pixels, so the total number of controllable pixels remains the same.


The PIXNET also features one additional universe of DMX output when used with sACN.

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